A common plant which grows as a wild plant, appreciated primarily for its sweet-scented flowers.; died and smoked in a pipe. A favorite of wizards for its calming effect but popular among many classes and regions.

Effects: Advantage on insight tests and relax
Side Effects: Disadvantage on perception saves

Costs 5 SP. Duration: about 1d4 hours. Overdose: Severe cough. Addiction: low


Skooma is an illegal crystalline solid produced from Moon Sugar. It is highly addictive and its imbibers pass through bouts of euphoria followed by protracted lethargy. It is smoked in a special pipe; the crystals are placed in a small dish and heated. The gas produced is bubbled through water in the pipe to cool it as it is inhaled.

Effects: Increase speed by 10 and Dexterity by 1
Side Effects: Reduce Intelligence by 1 and Strength by 1

Costs 5 GP; buy from moon elves. Duration: 1d4 hours. Overdose: loose consciousness and, eventually, death. Addiction: high, for human race is extremely high   


It is the dried latex obtained from the opium poppy, smoked in a special pipe. Opium pipes can be beautifully crafted and are typically paired with a lamp to facilitate with the intake. Opium has been actively collected since prehistoric times.

Effects: Sleepy-looking red-rimmed eyes and a lethargic but cheerful manner. Ignore bloodied exhaustion. You also gain advantage on rolls attempting to Intimidate you; you simply don’t care.
Side Effects: Disadvantage on all Dexterity saving throws.

Costs 20 GP. Duration: 1d4 hours. Overdose: loose consciousness and, eventually, death. Addiction: high 


It is an entheogenic brew made out of Caapi vine and the Psychotria leaf. The brew is used as a traditional spiritual medicine in ceremonies.

Effects: The psychedelic effects of ayahuasca include visual and auditory stimulation, the mixing of sensory modalities, and psychological introspection that may lead to great elation, fear, or illumination. If used in a short rest can restore all spell slots.

Side Effects: Ayahuasca also has cardiovascular effects, moderately increasing both heart rate and diastolic blood pressure. Disadvantage on all Constitution saving throws.

Costs 5 GP. Duration: 1d4 hours. Overdose: The intense vomiting and occasional diarrhea. Addiction: low

Mushroom Powder

Taken from a Scarlet Heart Mushroom; this powder must be inhaled. It is popular among introspective arcane spellcasters.

Initial Effect: Increase Intelligence by 1 for 1d4 hours
Side Effects: Reduce Charisma by 1 for 2d4 hours

Costs 2 GP. Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 12-hour period; the user takes blindness for 1d6 hours. Addiction: high

Luiren spring cheese

It is a type of cheese that acted as a drug, causing hallucinations of overpower

Initial Effect: Increase Strength by 2
Side Effects: Reduce Intelligence by 1 and Wisdom by1

Costs 10 GP. Overdose: sluggishness of body and mind. Addiction: high for halflings, low for other races


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